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Where? When? What? Who?

Today it's easier than ever to see whales - if you have patience and a little luck. The number of companies offering whale watching trips in the Arctic is growing and most offer tours at affordable prices. They usually run from the northern hemisphere's spring until the autumn. But don't miss out on the killer whales in Norway's Tysfjord in wintertime.

To help you plan your trip, we have included a list of some whale watching tour operators* in some Arctic countries which follow the International Whaling Commission's best practice whale watching guidelines which WWF supports. If you're not sure whether a company follows best practice guidelines, then ask before you book.

WWF has also created guidelines to assist tourists who wish to travel to the Arctic.

Country: Whale watching season: Whales you can see: Tour operators:


May to January

May to September:
Sperm, minke, fin, killer, pilot. Occasionally: humpback

October to January:
Killer whales in Tysfjord in northern Norway

Hvalsafari AS
P.O. Box 588483 Andenes
Phone: +47 76 11 56 00
Email: post@whalesafari.no
Tysfjord Turistsenter AS (Tysfjord Nature Cruise AS)
N-8275 Storjord i Tysfjord
Phone: +47 75 77 53 70
Email: post@tysfjord-turistsenter.no
Lofoten Adventures
N8312 Henningsvaer
Phone: +47 76 07 50 01
Mobile: 905 81 475
Email: rolf@lofoten-opplevelser.no


May to September Minke, humpback, fin, blue, killer, Atlantic white sided dolphin, Atlantic white-beaked dolphins, harbour porpoises
Occasionally: sei, fin, sperm, pilot

North Sailing
Gamla Bauk
640 Húsavík, Iceland
E-mail: info@nordursigling.is
Homepage: www.northsailing.is
Tel: +354 464-2350

Husavik Whale Centre
Tlf: +354-464 2520
Email: abbi@icewhale.husavik.com
Web: www.icewhale.is

Hvalstodin Whale Watching Centre
Reykjavik, Iceland
Tlf:(+354) 421 2660 or +354 895 2523
E-mail: gestur@marine-marvels.com
Dolphin and whale watching HI Tourist Service
P.O. Box 92IS-232 Keflavík
Tlf: + 354 421 7777
Email: hring@ismennt.is
Sjófer?ir Dalvík
ehf.Hafnarbraut 7 IS 620 Dalvík
Tlf: +354 863 2555 or +354 892 3658 or +354 892 1418 or +354-466 3355
E-mail: sjoferdir@isholf.is
Huni II
Skerseyrarvegur 2
IS-220 Hafnarfjordur
Tlf: + 354 555 6310
Mobile: + 354 894 1388
Email: huni@islandia.is
Elding Whale Watching inc.
Drangahraun 4
220 Hafnarfjordur
Tlf: +354 861 2033
email: vignir@elding.is


July to September Fin, killer, minke, humpback, beluga, narwhal, harbour porpoises Nuuk Tourism
P.O. Boks 199
DK-3900 Nuuk
Tlf.: +299 322 700
Email: info@nuuk-tourism.gl
Aasiaat Tourist Service
Post Box 241
3950 Aasiaat
Tlf: +299 89 25 40
Email: aasiaat.tourist@greennet.gl
Uummannaq Tourist Service
Box 202 3961 Uunmmannaq


June to August Bowhead, narwhal, beluga, fin, minke, killer, gray, humpback, pilot, Dall's porpoise, Northern Right Pacific white-sided dolphin, Atlantic white-sided dolphin, white beaked dolphin, harbour porpoise.
Occasionally: blue
Igloolik Outdoor Adventures
Tlf:+ 1-867-934-8759
Email: iglooadv@nunanet.com
Polar Sea Adventures
PO Box 60, Pond Inlet, Baffin
Island, Nunavut, XOA 0S0
Tlf: +1 867 899 8870
Email: info@polarseaadventures.com
For more information:
Nunavut Tourism
P.O. Box 1450, Iqaluit NT, X0A
0H0 Canada
Tlf: toll free 1 866 NUNAVUT (1 866 6862888)
Email: info@NunavutTourism.com
See also Nunavut Handbook
Churchill Northern Studies Centre
PO Box 610
Churchill, Manitoba R0B 0E0


June to August Fin, humpback, killer, grey, minke. Pangaea Adventures
P.O. Box 775 - 101 N. Harbor Dr.
Valdez, AK 99686
Toll Free - 800.660.9637
Valdez Main Office - 907.835.8442
eFax - 425-940-7411
email - info@alaskasummer.com
Vision Quest Adventures
Box 100965 Anchorage Alaska
Tlf:+1 907 258 7238
Email: adventure@alaska.com
Gustavus Marine Charters
Box 81 Gustavus AK 99826
Tlf: +1 907 697 2233
Email: gmc@mars.he.net
Walrus Island Expeditions
4828 Rochelle Rd Homer AK
Tlf: +1 907 235-9349
Email: walrus@ptialaska.net
Alaska Discovery, Inc
5310 Glacier Highway Juneau
AK 99801
Tlf: +1 800 586 1911
Email: info@akdiscovery.com
Alaska Sightseeing/Cruise West
76 Egan Drive 320 Juneau AK
Email: larryjo@ptialaska.net
Kenai Fjords Tours, AHTI
Box 1889 Seward AK 99664
Tlf: +1 907 224 8068
Email: info@kenaifjords.com
Discovery Voyages
Box 688 Whittier AK 99693-0688
Email: info@discoveryvoyages.com
Sound Eco Adventures
Box 707 Whittier AK 99693
Toll-Free: 1-888-471-2312
Email: sea@alaska.net
Bare Island Tours
709 Lincoln St. Sitka Alaska
Tlf: +1 (907)747-4900
Email: bareis@ptialaska.net
Mythos Expeditions Kodiak
Box 2084 Kodiak Alaska 9965
Tlf: +1 (907) 486 5536
Email: mythosdk@ptialaska.net
Orca Enterprises
Box 35431 Juneau AK 99803
Tlf: to be confirmed
Email: whales@ptialaska.net

*Note: Companies listed here have informed WWF that they follow the International Whaling Commission's guidelines for whale watching. However, we have not carried out detailed verification of individual companies. If you are a representative of a company offering whale watching trips in an Arctic country and you follow the IWC guidelines, then please write to us at the address in the About WWF section of this website with supporting material and we may include you in this list.