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State of the environment reporting launched in South Africa

On 26 October 1999, the Minister of Environmental Affairs and Tourism, the honourable minister Valli Moosa, officially launched the National State of the Environment Report on the Internet.

The opening address by Minister Valli Moosa is available here.

The report is now available on line at http://www.ngo.grida.no/soesa/. This report is the first national report produced using the "Publikit" software template. During the same event, state of the environment reporting on the metropolitan level for Cape Town http://www.cmc.gov.za/soe, Durban http://www.durban.gov.za/environment, Johannesburg http://www.johannesburg.gov.za and Pretoria http://sustainablecommunities.co.za were launched. The state of the environment reports are the result of the first year of a pilot project on state of the environment reporting in South Africa funded by NORAD with technical assistance from GRID-Arendal and Ugland Publikit.

The four South African cities now join the city of Arendal http://www.ceroi.net/reports/arendal/ and the Finnish city of Turku http://www.ceroi.net/reports/turku/ in the growing line up of world cities with state of the environment reports on the Internet.

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